Some Simple Suggestions for Advertising and Marketing Your Business

In todays market it can be difficult to get your brand recognized, to stand out from the crowd. In the past it was enough to put an ad in the local paper, hand out flyers or stick an employee out on the roadside wearing a sandwich board promoting your projects – these tactics would have been driving business to your door! But, as they say, times have changed. We live in a world where people are inundated with ads: on the computer, in the store, driving down the road, on the radio and television that people often tune ads out as white noise. How then, do you market and advertise your business so that you can get noticed and increase your sales?

There are many new, and some old, avenues you can use to promote your business. We live in an age of instantaneous communication with Facebook, Twitter, the internet and so forth. In fact, these are all great platforms to use in advertising and marketing your business

Facebook: Facebook isnt just for your college student, at least not anymore. Businesses can set up a local business page on Facebook and invite friends, family and colleagues to be their friends. Facebook pages are a great place to send out user-friendly blurbs explaining your services, provide information about your location and operating hours and add a backlink to your website. Additionally, businesses can buy Facebook ads which are sure to drive traffic.

Search engine optimization: Another way to get your business noticed is to employ search engine optimization tactics. SEO is focused on getting your website to perform well in the search engine results. You can optimize your search engine results by focusing your website on specific keywords. There are many ways to go about optimizing your search engine results, including hiring a website marketing company.

Trade shows, presentations and press releases: Ahh, hold-overs from the good old days! Sometimes the simplest way to promote your business is the best way to promote your business. Many business industries have trade shows and conferences that you can attend. This is a great way for people to come in contact with your business and products and for you to really show what you can do! Presentations and press releases are also great ways to market your services or products. A great presentation is sure to capture peoples attention and turn them into potential customers.

These are just a few suggestions for marketing, advertising and promoting your business. You can give these tactics a shot on your own or contact an advertising agency, marketing agency or branding agency. Whatever you choose, do it soon! Its a great big competitive market out there and you dont want to fall behind!

Why Would all Companies Care to Pay Me to Complete

Why Would all Companies Care to Pay Me to Complete Online Surveys?

Are you among the skeptics who doubt that paid online surveys really pay? Have you been approached by people who are desperately trying to convince you that completing paid surveys is a waste of time? Then you definitely need to revisit your views on online surveys by reading the information available in this article, and once for all rest assured that completing paid online surveys is value for your time and effort.

Companies offering paid online surveys have proliferated tremendously in recent years. Paid survey offers are everywhere in the web space in pop-ups, sponsored links, and work-at-home databases. You get such a large variety of survey offers that it is understandable you may get confused to tell the legit survey offers from the scams. In fact, there is a solid number of scam sites that do not pay out earnings or mislead their subscribers about the benefits of membership. However, there are numerous legitimate paid survey sites that offer listings of online surveys for free.

Why would companies bother to pay people money for completing online surveys? Even though it may seem too small a job to sit down at home and get some $10-$20 on average for ten minutes of your time, paid online surveys are now a billion-dollar business. Companies have acknowledged paid surveys as an effective and helpful market research method, as only consumer surveys directly communicate useful customer ideas to the product manufacturers. Paid surveys are invented to ultimately help the merchandise and service industries develop and prosper, while rewarding consumers with cash and prizes for the time spend sharing their honest opinions.

Having such vital issues at stake the survival and growth of a number of small to large-scale businesses, it is now clearer why paid surveys are that important, and why it makes perfect business sense that consumers get paid to complete surveys. It is true that as a survey taker you may not get millions yourself only by completing paid surveys in your free time. However, it is quite possible that you may earn nice additional cash that will complement your mainstream income. While the average surveys payout is somewhere between $5 and $25, the highest-pay surveys may give out up to $200 for completing longer and more specific questionnaires or participating in focus groups. With 2-5 surveys per month by a single company, it also makes sense to subscribe to as many survey companies as you can. That way, you increase your chances of getting more regular invitations to complete paid surveys, and you get more stable earnings.

Be wise enough to avoid the survey scams that are lurking out there, and trust only paid survey companies that require no upfront investment from you. Some sites offering online surveys request membership as a means of funding their websites. However, its thoroughly possible to find out these same listings free of charge at other legitimate, free paid survey sites. Once youve realized that companies are willing to pay good money for your consumer opinion, you should know that your participation as a survey taker makes substantial difference to the world of marketing. Therefore, do not shy away from your opportunity to contribute your consumer experiences to the growing market research industry, while getting rewarded with great cash and rewards.

Small Business IT Services Leader Everon Technology Services, LLC Completes

Small Business IT Services Leader Everon Technology Services, LLC Completes Integration of Sky IT Support

DENVER – September 23, 2010 – Everon Technology Services, with offices in Massachusetts, Colorado and California, recently completed the integration of Sky IT Support, a Los Angeles-based IT services firm.

“With this integration, Everon now has a business with an over 10-year track record in L.A., a great team in the local market and a coast-to-coast service presence,” said Everon CEO Michael Cooch. “And Sky now has more resources to bring to the table for their clients and a more diverse service offering. They also have more marketing firepower to reach the small business community.”

Everon provides IT support, data back up, and Internet marketing services nationwide to a hundreds of non-profit organizations, professional services firms and retail businesses. Cooch founded Everon in Boston in 2003 and since then has steadily pushed west, opening a second service center in Denver in 2007. Everon acquired Sky IT in April 2010.

“The [Sky IT] acquisition has given us an opportunity to quickly build our presence in California,” said Cooch, adding that it wouldn’t be the company’s last strategic purchase. “We are committed to growth.”

Indeed, Everon’s impressive growth rate has earned it a spot on the Inc. 5000-a list of the fastest-growing private companies in the country-for three years running.

“We have a very entrepreneurial way of thinking here at Everon,” Cooch explained. “We’re always looking for new opportunities and challenges. The crew at Sky IT shares this mindset, so the integration process has been incredibly smooth.”

About Everon

Everon helps companies across the country use technology to more effectively grow, manage and protect their business. Everon provides a suite of TaaS (Technology as a Service) offerings, IT management services, internet marketing services and professional services backed by a service team that is available 24/7, with nationwide service delivered from three service centers in Boston, Denver and Los Angeles. For more information, contact 1-888-244-1748 or visit Everon online at .

Melissa Enriquez
Everon Technology Services LLC